Suicide Squad 2016 Review

maxresdefault★★★ ☆☆

I was so ready for this film simply because I love villains and without a good villain there really is no film. I’m going to keep it real when I say I have no extensive knowledge on superhero comics whatsoever,  therefore I can’t comment on how the film correlates (if it does at all) with the origins. Suicide Squad is an extension of the  DC universe. The film introduces you to villains through the eyes of a government agency, as stern Viola Davis introduces them as the dark villains they are in at a dinner with important officials. Essentially you want to see more of the villains in action and not captured but eventually their time comes.

25_suicide-squadWithout spoiling the whole film for anyone who hasn’t seen it the only thing wrong with the film is the villain the villains are fighting! Cara Delevigne as Enchantress was not the worst thing they could have done but it wasn’t the best either… The double role she was given just wasn’t enough. What kind of villain is a belly dancer? Visually she looked so scary and stunning at the same time which was such a wasted opportunity to have her belly dancing the whole film… I don’t know who took that shit serious.harley-quinn-suicide-squad-espressoI do think people should give the film a chance because a lot of the reviews are just miserable! People were maybe expecting more action however the character development Ayer produced was definitely necessary in my eyes. Margot Robbie was very strong as Harley Quinn and offered unexpected humour as well as cute chemistry with nearly every other cast member. Initially I thought Jared Leto would have more screen time as the Joker however I wasn’t mad, he scared me so much it was just enough of the Joker.

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