Bridget Jones’s Baby 2016 Review


I remember seeing Bridget Jones’s Diary and the sequel on TV  when they occasionally came on later in the evening… which I wasn’t supposed to be watching at all. My knowledge on the previous films aren’t strong since I’d have the volume turned down to 2 and attempt to lip read the characters to understand what was going on… I still managed to pick up on the connections made in Bridget Jones’s Baby, Bridget is just so loveable! bridget-jones-s-baby-20170303014001Renée Zellweger’s narration throughout the film is so comforting and I can imagine relatable for many. Bridget hits up a festival and although it can be predictable that’s what adds to the comedy of it all. I don’t think I’ve laughed out allowed in the cinema as much before, it just made me giggle on another level. Colin Firth as Mr Mark Darcy returns and is up against Jack played by Patrick Dempsey and have the funniest chemistry on screen, major UK V US moments. The real stand out performance though is a toss between Emma Thompson who pops up as Bridget’s doctor coming out with lines that KILL you and sometimes just her facial expressions are enough versus Bridget’s new work friend Miranda played by Sarah Solemani. Miranda is a shambles and has undeniable comedic timing – it gets better she is half Iranian SO AM I.Bridget Jone's BabyEven though I’m only 21 it made me think about my own future a tiny bit so I’m sure the hardcore fans felt emotional. They also added in really nice flashbacks from the previous films which was a nice touch. It was also rumoured they shot 3 different endings and if I’m honest I’m not sure that I was even sure how I wanted it to end! I think ultimately I was happy with the ending but their are times throughout the film you aren’t sure who is worthy enough for Bridget and you just want her to be happy… cuteeeee 🙂

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