Café Society 2016 Review


Released in America back in June and only just hit UK cinemas this September, Woody Allen delivers an old school romantic comedy that takes place behind the scenes of 1930’s Hollywood. As someone who aspires to be in the industry the relevance of the film is iconic and relatable despite it being set in the 30’s. Anyone can relate to young Bobby Dorfman played by Jesse Eisenberg, born in the Bronx NYC and dreams of working in Hollywood through a connection of his Uncle Phil played by Steve Carell.

wasp2015_day_40-0441.CR2I really appreciated the sense of family throughout the film as despite Bobby leaving home he keeps regular contact with his comical Jewish family that contrasts with his new glamorous Hollywood setting, we also get a chance to also see the dynamics of his dodgy older brother but I won’t reveal too much! Whilst in Hollywood Bobby meets Vonnie who is portrayed by Twlight’s finest Kristen Stewart, she is actually such a loveable character however just as Bella was Vonnie is stuck between two men who she claims to love equally 😦cs_gallery_dt_05The film is uneventful for those who expect a build up of some sort, the sense of realism is present and naturalistic. I think that is why is came across as perfect as it just showcases you a story that is probably real for many people where this is no perfect outcome, it’s just how life pans out. If the film was an embodiment of a person it reminded me very much of Lana Del Rey just in a sense of painful romance but not as tragic as her music can be. Blake Lively also makes an appearance however only towards the end of the film and I would have loved to seen more of her. I also appreciated the sweetness of the film, ultimately I was expecting a few sex scenes due to the plot however Woody Allen avoids this completely yet the sense of romance is still ever present in a classy way. It also proves that just because you have familiar faces in a film you don’t have to throw in a sex scene to get attention and I don’t think actors should be subjected to do so either. It’s the first film I think is worthy of a 5 star as it just stands out compared to many films I have seen recently! It’s also the first time I’ve seen Steve Carell play something less comedic even though his character still has humorous moments it isn’t as forced as some of his other films. I would deffo encourage anyone to watch this on a rainy day!


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