Don’t Breathe 2016 Review

dont-breathe-3-credit-gordon_timpen★★★ ☆☆

Karma is real in this film. I’m not sure if I can point out a single a horror/thrill film that doesn’t leave the audience annoyed at the stupid decisions made by the characters!  3 teens trying to rob a blind man… it’s a bit off key.  Director Fede Alvarez’s previous work, the remake of Evil Dead didn’t thrill nor scare me as it took a much more literal approach to horror becoming cliché. BUT THIS TIME he did it on another level which made Don’t Breathe far more intense… just imagine that feeling when you turn the lights off downstairs and have to sprint up the stairs – through the whole film or hide and seek gone wrong.dont-breathe3-720x405There isn’t much script work in comparison to other films which is  refreshing and it didn’t take long for the action to pick up. The sound design is amazing through the whole film and literally had me on edge as I sank into my chair 🙂 I wouldn’t say it’s scary in the sense of halloween scary but it would definitely not be one I’d watch alone but then again why would you rob anyones house… like I said karma. Stephan Lang who plays the blind man (watch him) is one of the toughest villains I’ve seen in a long while and although shit gets freaky there are moments when I feel bad for his character. I appreciated how honest the film was as well not everyone escapes and lives happily ever after and the ending does leave us with hopes of a sequel jsdghkhgodifgjnk. dont-breathe-dylan-minnette-stephen-lang


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