Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children 2016 Review



Understandably quirky films maybe not be everyone’s cup of tea but I do like to Tim Burton’s world that most people bash. After Burton’s 2012 Dark Shadow’s… I wouldn’t say it was a flop but lets face it, it wasn’t his best.   Despite Eva Green’s character being the title of the film, Green doesn’t appear as much as you’d think she would. I can’t help but imagine Helena Bonham Carter as a better fit for the role of Miss Peregrine as she is naturally peculiar herself 😦 Green just made me think of a gothic Mary Poppins, it all just felt extremely forced. That was the only thing I wasn’t too sure about so I will stop complaining now and say why I’ve given it 4 stars 🙂peregrins-gallery10-gallery-imageTim Burton adapted the film from a novel by Ransom Riggs, published in 2011 which was originally intended this to become a picture book. Riggs collected photographs (THIS is where I get excited) using them to compose his narrative! I was going to add the pictures to this post but they actually creeped me out on another level but I encourage you to google them.95109I love films that have a traditional opening sequence as it leaves introduces the themes of the film. I had to question the age rating of this film during the opening sequence, flooded with creepy images and music that had me slightly on edge had me wondering what type of kids film this was!  I was suspicious and ready to jump then Burton drastically ends the intro and we are struck with a bright and sunny visual of suburban Florida… not what I had in mind. Within the first 30 minutes the story unravels and we are then transported to a more suitable setting of rainy Wales. The film was so typically Burton, creepily pretty and peculiar with an amazing cast of young actors and well known faces such as Terence Stamp who managed to creep me out in 2003’s Haunted Mansion as well as Judi Dench, Chris O’Dowd and Rupert Everett.kvvxeirjhar17g4rxftzpdv7v2The film carries a magical/paranormal spirit with plenty of humorous moments and the visuals make up for the lack of action some may have expected within the script. As the film progresses we do meet some monsters. They embodied a child’s imagination perfectly showing how they might perceive a monster to look… scary AF. Towards the end we do get a fight scene between monsters and some Pirates of the Caribbean style skeletons which was more laughable than scary and I wanted more scary!(kids film I know). Samuel L. Jackson makes the greatest villain and this happens to be one of the quirkiest roles I’ve ever seen him play, watch out for his teeth. I think I will be having dreams about this film and I would deffo watch it again.

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