Sausage Party 2016 Review



Not sure how many sexual innuendoes you can plant into one film but boy this wins. When I saw the trailer I was so pumped that someone actually thought the same weird way as me… yes Seth Rogen! This is basically Toy Story but food… But after a few minutes into the film was like damn daniel how far can this go… Majority of the film takes place in the supermarket world and as  a collective “food” are/is under the impression if a human hand plucks you from your shelf in the supermarket you have been selected by the gods…to “THE GREAT BEYOND” however it is slowly unraveled that… we eat them.


I went into the film assuming humans would be the main villain of the film however this isn’t as developed as the trailer let on to be because we eat food and thats about it… there is nothing they can do! The conflict of the film isn’t so much about human V food but how lead sausage Frank can expose the myth of THE GREAT BEYOND. The exploration of the supermarket world was humorous to some extent but like much of the film had an end point. I almost feel instead of being a feature length film it could have kept as a short. Seth Rogen also manages to poke fun at Pixar by suggesting the creators behind many popular animations take bath salts LOL (I love looking for sneak disses in films or underlying political agenda’s).


The film relies too much on crude vulgar jokes and racial  stereotypes that are initially funny but then become overused. We  have a Jewish bagel and an Arabic lavash in conflict with each  other and an Irish potato… ffs. The film also features a piece of  chewing gum in a wheelchair that was definitely a representation of  Stephen Hawking… do you laugh or cry? I really loved the concept of the film but just wish there was more to the story… when you reach the end you won’t know what to do.


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