The Girl on the Train 2016 Review



I knew as soon as I watched the trailer that this film wouldn’t be my kind of vibe but as I heard amazing things about Emily Blunt I had to see it and she did live up to it! So as a mystery/thriller/drama the film picks up on really serious issues that I didn’t expect which made it quite heavy to watch for me personally. The film takes a while to get started, I’d say the first hour is necessary characterisation and just time for you to understand the routine of the characters as well as their relationships however if you prefer action then it isn’t for you.the-girl-on-the-train-photo-4At times  I did get distracted eating popcorn and my thoughts did travel elsewhere but as soon as the story HIT THAT MOMENT you feel it. I thought the plot could have been easily predicted after I knew the final outcome however they approach it in a way that distracts you from considering any possibilities. There is also essentially 3 female lead roles, Rachel who is the girl on the train watching her ex husbands new wife Anna and their neighbour Megan…riiiiiight. Megan and Anna look similar whether this was an intentional casting decision I have no idea but at times can be confusing if you aren’t 100% focused. The film also shows the past V present and uses moments to establish a timeline however it became messy because I didn’t know for sure when we were back to the present but as the film ends you can piece it together… just a bit messy.

girlonthetrainphotoEmily Blunt is  such a natural comedian despite her taking on this serious role we do see moments where you can’t help but laugh which makes her character all the more real, playing an alcoholic whilst pregnant is deep. All the cast were incredibly strong and the whole film had a moody tone to it which intensified the mystery. Like I said when it gets there you really understand how deep the film gets, there were points that were unrealistic… I don’t know how trains work in the US but in London train lines are so invasive to neighbouring houses you can watch them eat breakfast and in this film the train was miles away from the houses but yet she just managed to catch something creepy every time! I think it should have been set in the UK as the novel was just because I think it would have added to the mystery of the film… I don’t know why but mostly because our weather is gloomy and crap.  A lot of people have compared it to Gone Girl released in 2014 which both present themes around sex as a weapon… so I wouldn’t recommend you watch this with your parents…awks.

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