Doctor Strange 2016 Review


I’ve never taken drugs but I think this film may highlight what people mean when they say “that shits trippy”. Generally I find superhero films quite generic, just repeats of the same set up with a different central character. However I do think Doctor Strange offers more compared to the other films Marvel has given us. doctorstrange-mcadams-cumberbatch-hospitalPlayed by England’s finest Benedict Cumberbatch… initially you may not see past his arrogance BUT you end up sympathising with his character. Doctor Strange and Iron Man are basically the same characters in terms of an arrogant, materialistic mind set and comedic lines both effortlessly deliver but their backstories are very different. We see Strange come to breaking point as he suffers major damage to his hands due to a car accident, therefore can’t perform as  the steady handed Doctor he once was. If anyone has had a hand injury you’ll know the pain and Cumberbatch does this so well my hands actually started to ache just from watching the tension he builds up on screen. 2961066-dvoigchVisually the film hurt my eyes and reminded me of a game, the floors and walls kept moving, sliding, changing, flipping and spinning… it was crazy. Sometimes a film with that much special effects can look really fake and you have to majorly suspend your disbelief and just go with it but Doctor Strange was practically perfect visually.ds5-600x399The casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One came across as very controversial as the role is intended to be cast as an older Tibetan man which contributes to Hollywood’s issues around whitewashing films.  Digging deeper it was revealed casting Swinton was more of a political move so that the film could be screened in China and not banned due to The Ancient One having a Tibetan heritage and those political tensions there… She is an amazing actress and the film addresses the confusion on screen as Strange is confused by The Ancient One’s appearance, however the intention behind the casting obviously most likely tactically corrupt and unfair. Have no fear The Ancient One isn’t even on screen as much and you would think!doctor-strange-movie-image-galleryANYWAY there are many strong roles within the film, Rachel McAdams has the most genuine  reactions and gives such a real performance as she becomes aware of Strange and his new supernatural beginnings, her time on screen is priceless.  Chiwetel Ejiofor also makes an appearance but his character is such a goody two shoes I just didn’t have time for him 😦 Benedict Wong plays The Ancient One’s assistant along side Ejiofor showing Strange how to develop his skills, although he isn’t Tibetan  Wong might have been a better fit for The Ancient One… not might have WOULD have.c8kxrqju From the likes of Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, this new wave Marvel is pushing out isn’t as generic as their past work and I VIBE WITH IT. Captain America and Thor I can deal with but the rest I do find slightly boring so go and watch Doctor Strange!

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