Ouija 2016 Review


So here we have the prequel of 2014 Ouija, which I had never seen but apparently this prequel is way better anyway. Halloween the perfect time to almost wet yourself by choice! Although like most horror films it is predictable but at the same time it’s what made it quite enjoyable. You were still scared despite guessing what is about to go down on screen… sometimes when you know something’s going to happen your fear builds up more than being completely shocked and caught off guard.ouijagallery2-5769ed4acd408-1The 1960’s setting was perfect and the domestic setting is anyones worst nightmare. Many might say the set up is quite cliche having a priest and demonic possession however due to the 60’s setting it added to the film. Widow Alice Zander played by Elizabeth Reaser uses her two daughters in a seance money making scheme. Alice argues that it helps people recover from loss… she’s crazy you shouldn’t mess around with that shit!ouija-origin-of-evil02Alice buys an ouija board to add to her act however her youngest daughter Doris happens to be a creep and plays alone… at night… with no lights on…makes sense. Doris had it coming and becomes possessed but the devil or whatever is inside her disguises this and pretends to be the deceased father. This is why the crazy mum continues to let her child experience this BS! It’s up to the elder sister Lina to take action as she informs Father Tom about her younger sister being a creep. Played by Lulu Wilson, Doris comes across as weird and creepy before she was even possessed and I think it would have been better to establish a difference from the beginning because ultimately it wasn’t as clear as it could have been. 013-ouija-origin-of-evilThis film is successful at making you jump and at times I didn’t really want to look at the screen but when I did I ended up being slightly disappointed. I find this a problem with most modern horror films, they build them up to a point of no return and you really want to believe it BUT…. then you see the actual monster/ghost/demon they’ve put on the screen and it becomes more humorous than anything.  There was a moment in the film where Father Tom, Lina and mother Alice are looking for young Doris and loud footsteps and banging are heard from above which was such a simple idea but one of the most effective for me personally.


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