Arrival 2016 Review



Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the first half of the film and visually it ARRIVED but unfortunately… it just fell flat towards the second half. It’s more than a Sci-Fi movie and if anything it has such a heavy sense of reality because if this ever were to happen and an extraterrestrial ship did decide to pull up to earth & chill, it is interesting to imagine how the Government would go insane. I did expect more action than I got however that wasn’t why the film fell flat it just added to the ambiguity of the “aliens” or whatever is in the giant pebble spaceships.


Amy Addams plays Dr. Louise Banks and without spoiling the film at the end you can’t help but go “oh that was nice for Louise but so”. Addams’ performance is undeniable and the fluidity she has with her lines are impressive playing a majorly talented linguist who has the task to attempt to communicate with said “aliens”. Jeremy Renner plays Ian Donnelly who has also been recruited alongside Louise to explore communication with what everyone’s afraid to call ALIENS! a-16

Of course it’s set up that China makes the first threat and then theres the stress of trying to prevent anything escalating. I’m always of aware of Hollywood’s sly political agenda to slip things into their script that insinuate countries like China, Russia, Iran and any other “threat” is actually really “the bad guy” and they’ve done it again. Colonel Webber played by Forest Whitaker says at the beginning of the film that Louise had previously helped with Farsi translation, so alien communication is the same level of threat LOL. As a half Iranian this is just ignorant… is it everyday insult Iran to manipulate an audiences perspective? Believe it or not some people will actually go home with those thoughts wedged right on in there!

The film is led on more of a personal premiss with Louise and not so much about aliens but more as a reflection of humans and how we are. It is really slow however it’s necessary because the process of language and communication that’s explored in the film is nothing that be can achieved over night. The end reveal can be confusing for people who didn’t pay attention however I don’t think it was given a clarified reason and purpose hence why it fell flat for me. It challenges what people might assume aliens to be and introduces an interesting visual style of communication that I wasn’t expecting.



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