Assassin’s Creed 2017 Review



Damn I didn’t want to agree with everybody else, I had high hopes but it’s true they didn’t use the full potential of the game on the big screen! I’m sure under 15’s can’t legally buy the game so I’m not sure why they rated the film a 12A… (obviously to increase box office sales) The Hunger Games was more violent than this film and with assassin in the title of the film you know… I was expecting a bit more!


Not that I enjoy gruesome throat slitting but it’s about assassins lets see some assassinations! Michael Fassbender plays Cal who we first meet as a child. He walks in on a bit of a tragedy, his assassin dad killed his mum… deep. All of a sudden G-Wagons pull up and the Government are coming so his dad tells him to RUN. Then it zooms forward 30 years later and Cal is a criminal who’s been sentenced to death by lethal injection… even more deep. I’ve never picked up on a film that has made me think about the lethal injection the way this one does. As he’s the main character you sympathise with him and I started to itch when I thought of being strapped down like an animal… pretty shit not even an animal should be treated like that either. THEN he becomes magically alive and finds himself in Abstergo Industries who are only interested in him because he’s a descendant from a 15th century brotherhood type assassin squad who are protecting the Apple of Eden… riiiiight!


This could have been cool… could have. We spend so much time in Abstergo Industries aka prison/asylum it’s BORING! We could have really be in 15th century Spain watching the OG assassins kick ass…even when we do get to see 15th century Spain the screen teases us with 15th century action to Cal hooked up to a machine miming the story/action in Abstergo Industries. I wouldn’t have minded if this happened a few times to establish what Cal’s purpose was but it happened throughout most of the action… dammit.


The stunt work (when we did get to see it) was so impressive my knee was shaking the whole time with anticipation. The game play element definitely resonated well during those major action scenes but the rest of it was so uncalled for. We have Marion Cotillard who’s actually pretty pointless she claims she’s looking for a “cure for violence” but really her dad wants to destroy free will by getting the Apple of Eden… family miscommunication. I really wanted to see more of Ariane Labed pictured below because she was Katniss on steroids.


We do meet other descendants in Abstergo Industries and it would have been interesting to bring all of their ancestor stories to the screen instead of just Cal’s.  I think the film should have had an ensemble cast so that it didn’t solely focus on one character. When the film reached it’s end I then realised I wanted to see a sequel because the first film was pretty pointless and as it came to a close 3 descendants come together to carry on the legacy to protect the Apple of Eden. Did they have to wait until the end to tell us that shits happening soon… no they could have done that from the start!


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