La La Land 2017 Review



It has taken me ages to get around to see this and I’m not sure why. The trailer looked amazing and I fell in love with the poster just because of how magical it looks. Everyone has been saying it’s amazing and the nominations have rolled through so it automatically this set up high hopes however… I may be shot for this review but I don’t think it’s as spectacular as everyone has made it out to be… sorrrrrrrry 😦


Director Damien Chazelle really brings LA to life and definitely reinforces the dream of going to Hollywood and making it big! As someone who aspires to act it was motivating to watch but at the same time the realism in the story slapped me in the face. You can end up feeling as just as dishearten as Emma Stone’s character Mia is, an aspiring actress that faces the standard knock backs that all actors face. Being interrupted during auditions, being ignored during your audition and then coming out of an audition to see everyone looks the same. The worst part was seeing Mia stage a one woman show to an empty audience and only her friends showed up… I nearly cried can’t even lie!

LLL d 33_5542.NEF

The cinematography and editing made the visuals stand out and no matter what your field is I think you can be inspired by watching this film because it’s fresh from a visual standpoint.  I understand musicals in general are not realistic in any way and that it’s fake AF but the opening to the film seemed faker than normal like cringey…I don’t think it matched the rest of the film’s tone in anyway, to see people on a stretch of motorway burst into song and be all happy… because the film sure doesn’t end as happy as the beginning. I wanted to see Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone first! It just seemed to stereotypical and everyone was wearing gory primary colour outfits like really? This was a pattern throughout the film and I can tell you now no one dresses like that it was disgusting!


So I mentioned the ending isn’t as happy as the beginning which is another thing people have argued over. Essentially you want the protagonists to be happy which they are just not the way you want them to be and that’s all I’ll say. A lot have people also said they didn’t really believe the chemistry between Stone and Gosling… I agree. Gosling’s character Sebastian has a passion for Jazz and he’s trying to combat “selling out” to be able to live vs staying true to Jazz… From the opening scene on steroids,  I expected every other scene to be just as amped up… The scene from the poster is deceiving it looks energetic and sharp when I thought  it was quite flat and a few of my dancer friends were not impressed… I’m not even a singer or dancer but neither is Simon Cowell and he knows good from bad.  Stone really shines in comparison to Gosling and it’s so effortless as well as humorous, when she finally has her moment you are really happy for her and I nearly cried again. LOL


The storyline is so simple and relatable and I think in an acceptance speech Stone said that this film is for the dreamers of the world to show that you can do anything just stick to it, which is a really nice message to hold onto. The music isn’t that memorable, I only really enjoyed the theme for Mia and Sebastian and have listened to it since. My favourite “modern musicals are the likes of Dream Girls 2006, Hairspray 2007 and Chicago 2002. The soundtracks are something I would listen to without having to watch the films again and I don’t think La La Land hit the same level and I don’t think it had to necessarily be a musical the score was enough!

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