Get Out 2017 Review


I’ve seen a lot of articles talk about how this film “really makes racism terrifying”… No shit. I think it’s pretty sad that a horror film had to be made for articles like this to be written. When groups like the KKK endorse the unfortunate president Trump… is there anything else to really say? Tensions were already high with police brutality and general inequality, that was with Obama in charge… so now Trump is in charge… come on?! Comedian, writer and director Jordan Peele’s work was the realest I’ve ever seen and more films should be made with this kind of attention to detail. If you thought Meet the Parents (2000) went wrong, well being black for Chris played by British actor Daniel Kaluuya… his white girlfriend’s family couldn’t be any more fucked up.

Kaluuya’s represented the audience on screen and had many “wtf” moments and in most horror/slasher films his character would have probably been killed first. There is loads of comedy  in the script but at times the whole cinema was laughing and I was like wtf  this is scary?! why is everyone laughing?! Maybe I’m a wimp but I think an American audience resonated with the seriousness of the subject more-so than a British audience. We have racism here don’t get me wrong but it’s pretty obvious that America is pretty embarrassing when it comes to race issues.  It reminded me of The Stepford Wives, (2004) with it’s false ideals and if you haven’t seen it you should.

The film  is a more complexed in-depth version of exploring racism and not the typical KKK flag waving type or films like Django (2012) and 12 Years A Slave (2013), that showcase the brutality of the slave trade with the white man  constantly using derogatory racial slurs. This was the passive racism that exists now… so many low key racists… not that we should be suspicious of every white person now LOL but it picks up on things some people don’t think twice about.

Kaluuya’s onscreen girlfriend played by Allison Williams gives him a pep talk about meeting her parents and tells him that her dad will admit to wanting to vote for Obama more than 3 times… as if conversations with parents that aren’t yours aren’t already slightly awkward. This is a reassurance effort that many people don’t think could be offensive because it doesn’t sound racist but you’re basically saying “look yeah I’m cool I love black people I voted for Obama”… just to reassure them you aren’t racist. I’m not black but yet I’ve heard many people beat around the bush when trying to be politically correct towards someone who is black.

I don’t want to say too much about the ending but initially I thought the film was purely about the subject of white people thinking black people were inferior which it still portrays but the outcome of why they “use” black people has a stranger backstory than what you may think.  The set up does take a while and I think I would have liked to see more of the climax… once you see it you’ll know what I mean!


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