Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 Review


Hands down this is my favourite Marvel film… Tom Holland is Peter Parker. We first saw Holland as Spider-Man in Captain American: Civil War and even watching him in that brief action sequence in Civil War I couldn’t wait for his own film to come out. He brings the right humour and youth to Peter Parker that he deserves and I loved the fact they didn’t shy away from him being so young and inexperienced. Robert Downey Jr makes his iconic appearance as Iron Man who acts as Peter’s mentor and in many ways a cute father figure so it was only obvious Peter would want to impress him in hope he could join the squad of Avengers.

Out of all the Avengers I think I would say character wise I enjoy Thor the most but in terms of story Captain America: The First Avenger just because I liked the fact Captain America wasn’t initially taken seriously and neither is Spider-Man. It brings a sense of realness to the characters instead of being super shiny perfect hero’s. I read that a lot of people were worried it wouldn’t be Holland’s film and Downey Jr would take over but it was just enough and it was funny to see Peter obsess over Iron Man instead of the audience. There were also a lot of nods to the previous Spider films in terms of action and placement, as well as nice little Marvel Easter eggs. If you are a Marvel virgin I highly recommend you star watching them because once you understand the story it really makes you appreciate superhero films… (I only ever liked Disney’s The Incredibles).

So I’ve established Holland is basically perfection as Peter Parker but lets not forget Ned played by Jacob Batalon. WHAT A GUY! I don’t think I’ve laughed that much during a Marvel film before, there were so many moments I could go on forever. The high school setting made it even funnier as both Ned and Peter are out there to impress girls and be as cool as possible although arriving at a house party in a cowboy hat is a bad way to go…

Zendaya also makes an appearance as Michelle but we only learn she prefers to be called “MJ” by the end of the film (niceee). Even though she isn’t on screen for much it’s exciting to anticipate more from her in the second film because when she did appear she was also effortlessly funny. Michael Keaton plays the villain “Vulture” and I think this was probably one of the most relatable villains I’ve seen for quite a while. He is actually really likeable and he makes a lot of sense. He’s not happy about Stark industries and I can imagine a lot of people in this fictional “real” world aren’t. I always wonder after big fight scene with the Avengers how the city and civilians would recover and this film really shows that and the repercussions.

All in all you need to go and watch this director Jon Watts really did a perfect job and I am so excited for the next one!


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