The Fate of the Furious 2017 Review


I can’t lie… I  think the last film was a nice send off for Paul Walker and I think they should have left it at that. From street racing  “convicts”, they are now doing high profile heists… around the subject of nuclear weapons… makes sense. The film opened up in Cuba and throws it back to the tones set in the first two films and then all of a sudden the fun is over and shit goes down. I appreciated how they didn’t waste time with Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto trying to hide his new allegiance, he just goes rogue with no time wasted. Charlize Theron plays cyberterrorist  Cipher, who bribes Dom into teaming up with her in order to get her hands on nuclear  weapons to scare the shit out of superpowers around the world. Ultimately it’s quite a good idea for our current times… if she had promised to destroy the nuclear weapons she would be my type of hero but obviously her on-screen antics show how crazy she is. She’s the driving force behind why Dom abandon his “family” he holds so close to his heart. Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs leads the team in response to rogue Dom. I enjoyed seeing more Hobbs and less Dom, good times.I could tell at the screening there was a ton of people who love cars but there was wasn’t much to look at compared to the other films.  I definitely wanted more of that because there isn’t really a sense of fun in the film. The only glimmer of happiness you get is through Tyrese Gibson’s character Roman. He is effortlessly funny, I don’t even think they need to give the guy a script and that’s what makes the film even more ridiculous there’s only a small handful of characters who are as real as Roman.

This happens a lot in Hollywood films British characters are either unrealistically well spoken or have an embarrassing cockney accent. I am sure there are plenty of hilarious cockney women somewhere in London but I understand they wanted Helen Mirren because she’s Helen MirrenJason Statham and Luke Evans… I wanted to see more of them. Statham had a sequence which I can’t spoil but all I’m saying is you will love him for it.

One thing that always annoys me about these films is that there is a lot of technology in the background and it always manages to work in time or not work and it’s just not realistic. As a fan of films like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter I’m sure people will be like “but Sasha they aren’t real”… I KNOW because they aren’t supposed to be. These films however are very much real af and I guess there is a timing issue as to why they never give an in depth explanation, I just think they should be a lot more realistic in terms of expectation. Maybe I’m just dumb but there were so many moments in the film that had me like “ohh yeaaaah of course” eye roll


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