Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 2017 Review


People have trashed this film and quite frankly it wasn’t even that bad! I do always think it can be quite unfair for aspiring actors that celebrities are cast in both screen and stage production. Yes for marketing purposes it potentially provides a wider audience range with both Rihanna and Cara Delevingne cast in this specific film. However it does narrow chances for newcomers 😦

Dane Dehaan plays Major Valerian and Delevingne plays Sergeant Laureline work as special operatives protecting something in space… Basically the plot is quite simple and straightforward… evil man wipes out a community of beings that appear somewhat different and “threatening”. As you see tell it isn’t uncommon for humans to commit such behaviour, after interfering with everything on earth they’ve now gone to space to commit the same crimes! So at first Major Valerian and Sergeant Laureline are none the wiser and by end of the film their aim is to make amends… basically.

Director Luc Besson gave some pretty amazing visuals hence the huuuuuge budget and he did manage to create a great concepts of how many different worlds may be way up there in space, it truly resembled Star Wars and Doctor Who all in one. A lot of people compared this to one of the biggest risks since Avatar and unlike the many I didn’t enjoy that too much either. It is an acquired taste that I am sure many people enjoy but I personally am not the biggest fan.

The script however was another thing… it tried to be funny and it wasn’t. The visuals were simply too strong for the script but I appreciated the efforts to create such an advanced world. The original comics were said to have inspired George Lucas’ Star Wars original film, due to the popularity of Star Wars it was a brave move. Although I saw the Sci-Fi connection of both films I didn’t find they were similar in any-other way.





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