Wonder Woman 2017 Review


I didn’t really want to discuss it but I think it’s actually quite relevant to mention why it was such a big deal that Gal Gardot is an Israeli actress cast as Wonder Woman. Even I questioned going to see the film because the irony of Wonder Woman’s character wanting to restore peace and find the good in the world doesn’t bode well with the politics behind the casting. Not to say that Gardot is in the wrong but she did face backlash for posting support for her country just as tensions between Israel and Gaza rose. Some have argued she does no wrong by serving her compulsory two year service in the Israeli Defense Force however for others it is problematic. Personally I wanted to see the film for what it is however I do find the political discussion behind the casting suggestive… I guess it’s up to everyone to either do their own research into why it is or isn’t problematic!

So the world of the Amazonian’s looks so ideal, nice views, an island of women and run by the great Hippolyta. If you’ve read Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream this got me excited because fairy King Oberon stole her from the Amazonian’s so I was just making connects through and through. This sort of could be a spoiler but not really, as a child Wonder Woman was the only kid on the island… turns out her dad was Zeus which means Wonder Woman and Hercules are related…. woah.

I would have loved to stay in the world of the Amazonian’s for longer just but they don’t leave it long for the Island to be intercepted by the war taking place in the real world. Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor and the romance between the pair really holds the film together without being overtly sickening or full of PDA. Not to forget with a female director Patty Jenkins, the film stands for feminism and flaunts the flaws of man and how evil they can be. Set in the First World War, Gardot as Diana has never seen a man before therefore to be told in anyway she can’t do certain things is unheard of! I was surprised at how comical some moments were in the film especially from Gardot and I found that is what makes her a perfect Wonder Woman.

I always find superhero films quite generic in a sense and I did find some of the action scenes odd. There is a moment when we see the demigoddess Diana breeze her way across No Mans Land… I hate to be a nerd but due to the historical setting of the film we know she didn’t help the war effort in anyway. I’m just being picky now! I just felt it took away from the soldiers efforts, Ewen Bremner plays Charlie a solider who is dealing with the aftermath of his war experience. I thought that was important to show that not every hero dives into action and comes out like nothing happened. All together I can say I enjoyed the film and I can’t wait for the next one!

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