Blade Runner 2049 Review



I’ll admit I’ve never seen the original so my opinion is most likely completely 100% invalid and not worthy of this post… I will continue anyway! I know when a bad film is a bad and this wasn’t a bad film it just wasn’t my thing but I can definitely appreciate the visuals. I’ve noticed I don’t enjoy Sci-Fi as much as other genres… I just don’t like how it looks, especially in this dystopian setting… it’s quite scary!

blade-runner-2049-trailer1-700x297Visually amazing but I can imagine people saying the film is boring just because of how mainstream cinema has bombarded our minds with CGI, stunts, explosions and all sorts of distractions. Director Denis Villeneuve really has made an epic film here with cinematographer Roger Deakins… give this man the oscar. The visuals are wild and beyond anything I’ve seen in a while.

blade3Set in a dusty futuristic LA, the film is dark and moody but you get the occasional contrast of this bright technology fuelled world which works really well and I can imagine the world being like this.  I think a lot of people may of expected an action film loaded with stunts and explosions, as I’d never seen the original I thought the same but I was surprised at how much silence and simple dialogue is placed on such a busy yet empty world that Ryan Gosling’s character “K” is from.

blade1There is one scene I really enjoyed but I’m not going to say who I’ll just say what happens… When replicants are created they have memories created for them to make them as real as possible and to develop their reactions in the real world. If you have memories you can react and reflect. DEEP! The way this was done was so simple, as a girl arranged a still image by controlling what seemed to resemble a chunky camera lense and then added actions such a blowing out a candle on a birthday cake. Quite depressing actually!

blade2It is a dense film in terms of considering humanity and what the future could mean. A world in which human replicants are created is scary but I do wish it was explored deeper in the film. You get moments of exploration and gimmicks the world has but I don’t want to spoil it because it’s something you have to watch. Jared Leto makes a famously weird appearance and yes it was uncomfortable, I think he’s the films villain in a sense but it wasn’t obvious until the end the way other films have an obvious hero V villain battle, this film was bigger than that.  The only thing that disappointed me was that I wanted to see Harrison Ford earlier than he does pop up because he just deserves more time and I love him.

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