Thor: Ragnarok Review


I’ve always thought of Thor as a Sci-Fi version Lord of the Rings way up there in the realm Asgard and I’d say the first few films are quite heavy and despite Thor being my personal favourite I think many others find them the most “boring” out of Marvels collection of hero films. I enjoy the originals but I think the new direction on Thor works just as well but seems so sudden. Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the first two film was so un-human he just didn’t seem to appreciate jokes… he’s the God of Thunder why would he! But the film opened up with Thor caught up in chains upside down, captured AND making jokes. I respect director Taika Waititi, he literally didn’t give a shit about the pressure that comes with directing a Marvel movie and he really did exactly what he wanted to do.

Mark Ruffalo what a sweet guy. I don’t want to spoil anything I’ll just outline everyone that was perfect instead. Thor and the Hulk are a funny duo I never thought was work out well but it does. We also briefly see Doctor Strange which seemed a bit pointless but of course why not! Tessa Thompson plays Valkyrie and the flashback of her backstory was really cool to see as she is such an interesting character. She has a clear alcohol problem due to her past but at times it could be suggested that sparks could fly between her and Thor… I feel like she is too strong for that rubbish for once keep the romance out we don’t need any insinuations. Apparently Thompson also begged Waititi to keep a scene featuring a female character leaving Valkyrie’s room as she is a Bisexual character but that was later cut.

Waititi also had Jeff Goldblum on board and trusted him so much he improvised a lot of his scenes which is literally the best thing I’ve seen. Goldblum is an icon, Goldblum is my hero, he isn’t exactly a villain he’s just in charge of Sakaar and Thor ends up stuck there for a while. Waititi also played Korg and when you meet Korg you’ll die. If I was directing my own Marvel film I would plant myself in there someway… somehow I would have a role. There are always films that force humour and try to get a funny line in that often falls flat but the humour in Thor was actually realistic. There is a scene between Thor and Loki were they improvise a distraction and it was Hemsworth’s creation and you can tell it is something he would actually do.  Tom Hiddleston doesn’t ever disappoint as Loki the only thing that annoyed me was the real villain Hela played by Cate Blanchett. SPOILER..NOT SURE IF IT IS BUT SPOILER. If Loki and Thor aren’t blood and Hela and Thor are blood why does Hela look like Loki and not just a dark edition of Thor… she looks like straight up slime Loki.

It was a fun time watching Thor: Ragnarok and I appreciated the music in the film the same way I did whilst watching Guardians of the Galaxy. I think a lot of films these days are heavy and serious and it’s time to laugh in a world that seems to be going downhill!


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