Yes God Yes 2017 Review

Nancy from Stranger Things masterbating whilst watching Titanic! Okay that was just for fun but essentially that is what we have here. Natalia Dyer plays Alice who is innocently gaming on the home computer when she comes across an interesting pop up.  I think a lot of the time people try to over-intellectualise sexuality. Yes it isn’t talked about often but essentially I see it as personal choice and freedom that’s often kept quiet because of how intimate and personal it is in the first place.I think director Karen Maine did a great job of showing how secretive people can be when exploring their own sexuality. Maine herself grew up in the 90’s, attending a devote Catholic school in the Midwest of America so the short is semi-autobiographical. I think the Catholic school setting adds slightly more humour to it but essentially  people are secretive with their sexuality no matter what religion you are or culture you are from.  Alice explores her sexuality in an innocent way she doesn’t straight away hit up a porn website or anything she ends up watching Titanic… interesting choice I can’t imagine what scene it was. I think the internet does introduce people to things a lot earlier than it would have in the past and in the 90’s I can imagine it was a lot more shocking compared to now. I’ve seen a lot of coming of age films such as American Pie where they openly show boys exploring sexuality and use comedy as a way to introduce it and I think this was the first time I’ve seen it from a females perspective. If you’re interested in watching click here and it isn’t very long so check it out… obviously I wouldn’t recommend watching this with your parents/family however I think it’s a really important piece of film for women!


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