Incredibles 2 2018 Review



My sister was born in 2004 so now I really feel like I was born in the Victoria Era. 14 years later Pixar gives us the sequel to their first superhero animated adventure. With expectations high I understand why director Brad Bird wanted to make sure the time was right and not force a sequel for the sake of a sequel… he didn’t have to make us wait that long though.

At times I did have to remind myself that this is a kids film and NOT a new addition to the Marvel Universe, therefore saying is predictable isn’t that much of an issue when it’s really for the kids. Despite that I think Bird did a really good job at throwing in family dynamics and debates that are reflections of todays world. One of them shared by Violet voiced by Sarah Vowell expresses people who are rich just get a “slap on the wrist” and not much more… COUGH HOLLYWOOD PREDATORS.

The film picks up were the first one left off, the family are fighting together and after making a mess in the city this obviously doesn’t go down well since superheros are illegal. We see ex-government agent Rick Dicker tell the Mr Incredible & Elastigirl that the government don’t understand people who want to do good for the sake of doing good because it scares them. I felt that.

Obviously Mr.Incredible voiced by Craig T. Nelson does not believe that supers should be suppressed whereas wife Elastigirl voiced by Holly Hunter wants her children to be law abiding citizens. No spoilers but the film essentially stems off of parental hypocrisy. Mr Incredible steps aside so his wife can hopefully restore faith in supers by acts of kindness orchestrated by Pixar’s answer to Tony Stark the wealthy Mr Winston Deavor voiced by Bob Odenkirk . It’s a real homage the idea of being a working mum and also highlights being a parent is also a superpower.

Violet and Dash are fed up of not using their powers and babysitting Jack Jack THEY WANT IN. I really wish they focused more on Dash and Violet maybe how they are dealing with school, puberty, powers more so than the parents. Towards the end we did get to see more of them but it wasn’t enough for me, especially because Dash voiced by Huck Milner is probably the best in the family for me. The film wouldn’t have been complete without an appearance from my idol Edna Mode voiced by Brad Bird himself. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages and really made me laugh.

Other people have said although Incredibles 2 shares a similar running time to the first film, there are parts of the film that might have put kids to sleep as it isn’t always action action action. For adults this worked well and I really enjoyed the scenes with more of the conversational family dynamic. Bird  also directed Ratatouille and I’m still waiting for another one of those because why not, I just hope I don’t have to wait 14 years.

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